Wikipedia states: The term brandy is a shortening of brandywine, which was derived from the Dutch word brandewijn, itself derived from gebrande wijn, which literally means “burned wine”

The name for the blog was inspired by  someone who described my poems as if they were like warmed wine.

I am a newer writer in a middle-aged body, but with a passionate streak that runs deep. I have, of late, found need to put things down for others to read, examine, critique, like, or ignore. Within these pages you will find random musings as well as poems and other writings that might rise. All of these will be inspired by the world around me in all it’s beautiful or ugly glory.

Some of what I write comes from within, while some are echoes of what I feel from things I see. Most are in verse, but others are simply prose passages about the human condition as it seizes me. Thank you for stopping by to check some of them out. I write at my pace because the words have to come out.

Feel to reach out to me form my contact page if the mood ever strikes