Brick By Brick

Not that I think anyone has been keeping score, but some might have noticed decreased activity on my publishing as well as participation in commenting on others works. I cannot tell you that it’s because of any horrible tragedy or triumph. I am not withdrawing to channel creative energy to other areas to publish. It is more mundane. Less important. Totally nondescript. The details would only make it sound like validation-seeking whining. The daily trappings of my world seem to have nipped at each minute of “mind time” like poetry-feasting piranhas.

I told someone that it is about headspace. I can’t seem to fund the time to climb inside my head and see what is lurking. It had always been those introspective journeys that were so often the source of my rabid writing. It seems that there is a wall that is being constructed around my cranium. Pun intended. I can’t lie. I do miss the quixotic writing. It was comforting. Comfortable. More so I miss the deep, meaningful participation in other’s blogs.

I will continue to publish and comment as I can. When and where I can feel and find myself. I hope no one thinks I have lost interest in their incredible work.


  1. BW, no need for explanation. And if it provides some sort of comfort, you are not alone. I’m not sure if there is something in the stars or planets or political climate, but there are a few of us who feel uninspired and creatively paralyzed.
    I think it happens to everyone, no matter if we are writers, painters, musicians, whatever the creative endeavor. I just think it’s sometimes impossible to forge on when life gets to be too much, or perhaps not enough.
    I’m in that space as well…in the thick of it. I’ve only just started to force myself to write through it. Not out of obligation to anyone, but because It’s pretty much the only thing that feeds my soul right now. So even if it’s not spectacular or mind-blowing, or even interesting, it reminds me that I have a place to come back to and a tribe who will indulge (and sometimes endure) my musings.
    All to say. You do what you need to do, or don’t do anything at all, and we will be here when you are ready to plunge back in or just dip your toe in…or anything in between.
    Hugest hug to you, BW.

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    1. Thank you Brooke. I really wrestled with even posting this. I feel bad about my lack of participation probably more than my lack of production. I think you nailed it quite well when you said too much or not enough. Sometimes it is even both at the same time.

      Feeling the hugs!!!

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  2. There is nothing wrong with validation seeking whining – we all get that way sometimes ;O)
    I wonder if it’s something to do with the time of year as well; there are many more doom and gloom or dark posts than usual (my own included). Perhaps writers go through some sort of hibernation in Winter :O) Sending a hug just because x

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  3. I went through that from the fire line to the home close (about three months). I completely understand. Right now, the shift seems to moving the other direction (less time out, more time reading/writing/commenting) but we shall see. The business side of my life is booming and those lulls at work (to catch up) are fewer and farther between.

    What I mean to say is, take your time and do what thou wilt. I’ll be looking for you first, as I always do!

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  4. I totally get this, Wulf. I want to be wise or profound or at least helpful…..but really all I got is that I totally get it! I am in a similar space and it will pass and it will return and over and over again. Ah, being a writer…….

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  5. Wow. Great minds think alike! You, susan, me… all going through similar times. We all have so much going on and it’s getting more and more difficult. It’s impossible to keep up, read and comment on everything posted by those we follow. We start feeling guilty. But here is my reality – my health, personal life and my writing MUST take precedence. We all say that we write for ourselves and then we want more and more followers, and that generates even more to read. I appreciate all my followers and I understand that they can’t always comment on my posts, let alone read them all. I hope they realize that I can’t either.

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