Alone in conformity’s cage of
Part time, pepper mill companions.
Hardly holding on.
Staring at my folded hands,
Vacant eyes upon an empty page

Rustling sounds did darkness part
Winds from western seas with eastern lights.
Far off fragile lullabies
With whirlwind words that pacify
Whispered to a purple, painted heart

Blowing fast. Blowing free.
Fueling fossil memories.
Lightning quick
Turning triassic.
Unbidden. Unbridled. I see.

Cacophonic grand designs
Pouring out pure perspectives.
Dancing thoughts defying fears,
Clown-white face cascading tears.
The summation of all my realigns.

Afterward it does blow past
And leaves such tranquil smiles.
The simple samples amplify.
Like cardigans they mollify
And return to satisfy at last.

© Brandewulf 2018

via Mistral — MORALITY PARK


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