Sunday Morning Surprise

Felt like forever
That I was missing
The breathtaking moments
Of your ginger kissing.
Greeting me with
Your sassafras smile
In my magenta morning
And, all the while,
Bathing me.
Your baby blue.

© Brandewulf 2018

Saw this awapuhi ginger bloom today. There is no feeling like starting your day in the most beautiful way.


  1. Holy shit. This is one sexy flower. That garden of eden’s killing me.
    I think people are scared to comment when you attack with words like this. But, you know me. I have to say sth and this delightful morning of yours deserves it.

    I LOVE this poem, I love all of it, breathtaking moments, ginger kissing, sassafras smile, ALL of it.
    Told ya, baby blue, you’re a magician. Keep up the good work.

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