And so they came
Marching like ants.
A caravan of sand grains trickling
Through the gray folds.

© Brandewulf 2018

August 9th a wolf climbed from his den and first howled at the moon. It is a bit late. I had this sitting in my drafts, but thought I would post about the anniversary anyway.


          1. I’m ok, truly. I am one of those people who finds it necessary to disappear sometimes, but it is in the disappearing that I am able to get grounded and re-group. Thank you, Walt, for the love and care. You are wonderful and it makes me happy to see you thriving.

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            1. It’s ok, I understand, and thank you for your.kind words. I have had really nice comments when I posted a Haiku, so last week was Haiku Week on my Blog. Going to try making Tuesdays and Thursdays Tennessee Poet Haiku Days. We’ll see how it goes. Have you had a chance to read last week’s Haikus?

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