Celebration – People Are People

Part 4.

Hello, and welcome back. It’s lovely to see you again my friend. On our last episode we were watching Super Sanitizer and his sidekick The Boy, as they fought their way through the throngs of the unclean. Hour after hour they fought off the germs and bacteria that had threatened to do them in the day before. And they had won!!! Each hour that passed our hero felt stronger and stronger. He was back to being able to leap    AT-AT’s  in a single bound, and he was faster than a speeding….er landspeeder. At last they made their way to the coveted inner sanctum…the Autograph Hall.

As previously noted, The Boy had a plan for this event, and he knew exactly who we were going to meet and in what order. I do NOT recall the total costs, but it was at least a few hundred dollars. Honestly…it was worth it. It was an amazing time for a fan, and let’s face it. Would anyone come to this if they weren’t a fan in the first place? So here’s the list of who he needed to see and obtain autographs. This list was originally copied from Wookieepedia and their Celebration IV page, but I have deleted the other names to show only those that were part of his master plan:

I have to say how amazing and genuine these people were to us. It should go without saying that the more famous people were harder to spend time with, and their handlers made certain to usher people through very quickly. There were a few notable exceptions however: Anthony Daniels, Ray Park, and Carrie Fisher. I will get back to this, mainly Carrie Fisher, but there are a few other notables. Tim Rose, best known for playing Admiral Gial Ackbar, spent a good bit of time talking to us and even signed The Boy’s book “Be careful…It’s a trap”. Paul Blake (Greedo), was also a lot of fun and made sure to write next to his autograph that “Han shot first.” OK as I said, Ray Park (Darth Maul) and Anthony Daniels (C-3PO) were exceptionally pleasant. They made sure that no one felt rushed, and spent time with everyone making you feel special for being there. Lastly, the late Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia).

carrie fisher

She was absolutely the complete opposite of what I expected. And I feel bad for the assumptions I made. First, she stayed more than an hour past her scheduled time. If not for that, neither of us would have met her. She was kind, jovial, obviously exhausted, but so freaking happy to meet us and say hi’s. It was genuine. OK there might have been a little bit of bourbon in that coke back then, but she was NOT befuddled. She was an amazing joy and surprise, and she was the last person we met that day. She was a classy lady greeting the Super Sanitizer and The Boy. What a way to end the day…and really to end the tale of our Celebration.

I hope you get a chance to experience something along this magnitude. I am not referring to the event, per se. I am referring to a memory that you will take with you throughout your life. A memory that cannot help but bring renewed joy as you recall it, and maybe even share it with others.

Originally published in September of 2017.


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