Prescient Transition

You wish that not the one you are,
Instead to be another. Afar.
Apart from paths that lead to here
Away from fleeting, failing fear.

New. To change. Same but different.

Transported and transposed.
Diametrically opposed
Yet breathing deep and full.

Smiling and singing,
Cathedral bells ringing
Summoning all to the ball.

Azaleas and edelweiss.
Honey flavored paradise.
Perfectly painted pairs of pairs.

Dandelion deviltry
Displacing mediocrity
While welcome arms enfold.

Concordant and harmonic.


  1. Wondering if you at all had a melody in mind when you wrote this. The rhyme scheme didn’t exactly work for me. The rhythm felt a little constipated, but maybe that kind of frustrated pace was what you were going for. None of that is meant to be rude or insulting, and my preference is not the end all of opinions, of course. Love your word choice!

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    1. Yes, and no. This one was meant to be a little rhythmically jarring between many stanzas into each other like a reflection of the word transition in the title.

      No way would I take any of the feedback as rude or insulting. Besides, I know I write a lot. That means I am bound to float more than a few air biscuits. This might actually be one of them.


      1. Not necessarily! I just tend to focus a lot on rhythm and sound when I read YOUR poetry. Jarring and unpleasant does NOT mean bad or irrelevant or unimportant. I’ll misquote one of the great masterpieces, Big Trouble in Little China:

        Jack Burton: I dont get it, you…

        Lo Pan: Shut up! You were not put on this earth to “get it.”

        I suppose I did kind of get it, in a way, in that the rhythm wasnt supposed to be honey, more like dandelion devilry

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