Celebration – A Boy and His Uncle

I originally posted this in August of 2017. I am republishing this and the rest of the tale for a specific reason. Billy Mac has been a big supporter of my writing and has told me many times that he wants to see more of my prose. I am not, however, going to edit them at all. I would rather post them in their original version.

Part 1.

I thought I would share an adventure that is one of my fondest memories. I don’t think I am a good prose writer, so bear with me if these aren’t the best reads. Thank you @Merbear74 for inspiring me with your tale to write this.

A little background. I do not have kids. This adventure involves one of my nephews, who is also my godson. . His parents say he is more mine and my wife’s than theirs, as he was always into some of the same weird geeky stuff I was, especially when he was younger. He was a HUGE Star Wars fan, and the 25th 30th anniversary of the original movie was the following year. The neat thing is the boy was the same age I was when the movie was released. He wanted to attend the big Celebration event in Los Angeles that year, so his mom said she would be happy to take him.

He slowly shook his head and said “No. I want my Uncle xxxx” to take me.”

“Of course you do,” his mother replied as she looked at her husband who is my brother.

I was honored. This boy is very special to me.

So they set up the trip to include hotel, airfare, 3-day pass etc. I was more than a little nervous about being the caretaker for a few days. It was the first time I felt the weight of responsibility for a child like that. Cue the Benny Hill music…


We flew “Ted” from New Orleans to L.A. and all started well. Ted was one of two airline divisional brands of United Airlines. It targeted vacation locations in the low cost airline market, in contrast to United’s high end divisional “sub-fleeted” brand called United p.s.. “Ted” comes from the last three letters in the United brand name. United marketed Ted anthropomorphically and attempted to personify Ted; it used phrases such as Meet Ted or I’ve Met Ted. Grabbed a rental car once we landed and began the drive with our GPS talking us through the LA freeway to our hotel which was near the Santa Monica pier.

My best friend lives in L.A., so we went to dinner together that Friday night. It was great seeing him as always, and my nephew was such a smart kid that he got along better with adults than kids his own age. We had a wonderful dinner then went back to the hotel and retired for what we knew would be an early day. Little did I know it would also be a long day and a longer night.

… to be continued.



  1. Star Wars has turned out to be a great connector of generations, hasn’t it? A kind of universal common ground that isn’t affected by one’s age; not to mention, a very creative outlet for some deeper truths, for those who choose to go a little deeper than the surface story and realize the real spiritual notions implicit in the idea of “The Force”.

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