Border Patrol

How to break free from
A world that conspires,
Defies, and denies?
What should be demanded
Ignores all commands but
Erects miles of walls within walls.
Pointlessly railing,
Flimsy and flailing,
Laughter echoing
All slips, trips, and falls.
Withholding by separation.
Destroying elation.
Erasing anticipation
With anthropomorphic precision.
This to pass
With fury, at last,
Rebuking resignation.

© Brandewulf 2018


  1. Excellent! This was mine after I recovered from deep depression November 2016.

    © 2016 Barbara Grace Lake

    When all hope dies
    Can ever threads remain
    Of former ties
    To call it back again

    Does hope join dreams
    Mid broken solemn vows
    As uttered means
    Enthralling men to bow

    But threads there be
    So hope is still aware
    Within a sea
    Of monstrous self despair

    We are alive
    Our souls unfettered bare
    And hope survives
    If mantle we would wear

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    1. Thank you, Bojana. I know I have purposely explored different voices. Hmmm…maybe I need to worry about too many voices in my head. (No you don’t let us out. Yes let us oooout.) Where was I? Oh yes…

      It felt right to return to my rhythmic rhyming, at least for this one.

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