My earth stood still,
Then it vanished before me.
Spirits scattered, crushed,
And broken like the levees.
Time reset and all things
Now follow in the waste and wake
Of that modern day necromancer.

© Brandewulf 2018


  1. So many lives broken like the levees…
    Thanks for the reminder. It’s weird. For some of us, it’s just another day going by, for others, a reminder of sth that changed their lives for good.

    I’m so sorry you had to go through this and happy it made you stronger and more humble. I love the simplicity of solemnity of the poem. Everything has been said already. Now we can only only remember, but on and off. Life goes on. It can’t wait. If we don’t hitch a ride, it’ll drive past us, without blinking an eye.

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      1. I know it. I feel it, given my losses.
        It’s ok to be melancholic at times. Numb isn’t. It should be a temporary feeling when you’re at a loss for words and lack any sensation. It usually comes after the initial loss.
        You’re not numb as you have a lot to say and are very emotional.

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        1. Good point. You definitely have an understanding given your experiences. I guess since I do find myself in that state, but not lingering, it supports what what you say about me not being numb.

          Thank you!!!

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