Not My Reality

*scratch* *scratch* *scratch* *scratch*

A graying muzzle appears from the thicket covered den and sniffs the air. A low, throaty growl precedes the appearance of the this lone lupine. Something’s wrong. Teeth bared in a snarl, you can tell he is about to howl.

I am at a loss. How can people NOT understand how we got here. Where the fuck have you been for (approximately) the last 20 years? Do you truly not see that we allowed our society to become what it has? Christ, we asked for it. We fucking paid for it because we invited it into our living rooms almost every night.

Please read this Wikipedia entry :

Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents supposedly unscripted real-life situations, and often features an otherwise unknown cast of individuals who are typically not professional actors, although in some shows celebrities may participate. It differs from documentary television in that the focus tends to be on drama, personal conflict, and entertainment rather than educating viewers.


Now, I am going to edit the entry with some minor changes:

American Politics Reality television is a genre of television programming that documents supposedly unscripted real-life situations, and often features an otherwise ill-equipped unknown cast of individuals who are typically not professional politicians actors, although in some offices shows celebrities may participate. It differs from a real government documentary television in that the focus tends to be on drama, personal conflict, and entertainment rather than running the country educating viewers.


Again, I ask you. Where the fuck have you been? I am sorry if this gets stuck in anyone’s craw, but people better look in the mirror and face up to what we allowed to happen. Let me ask you how many of you think it’s ok to watch Cake Wars but not Big Brother. Real Housewives of (NameYourFuckingCity) is trash, but I can’t miss Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But, Wulf, I only watch Kitchen Nightmares. Well then congratu-fucking-lations! Welcome to a real nightmare.

There is no way we would be here if we had not allowed the filth that runs this country to become normal and acceptable through the magic of TV. If I sound more than a little sanctimonious it is because I never bit. I couldn’t check my brain and heart at the door. I felt it from the beginning that reality TV was going to create a (shudder) new world order. Why would anyone want to watch as people bashed other people while lying about the reality of it all? So tell me…how does it make someone feel better watching people betray and berate each other in a faux-scripted contest between fame-seekers. We elevated people like Mama June and Honey-fucking-Boo-Boo to some quasi celebrity status when, in truth, they probably need help. Maybe Duck Dynasty vs. Bridezilla will be a Saturday morning cartoon so our kids can carry the torch and burn the planet down.

So if you think Teen Mom (oh yeah what a great fucking idea to promote) is harmless television, I hope you like the looks of this. Our bed. We made it. Sleep tight.



Wulf out!!!

Motivated to write by Walt Page’s poem titled What Lies Ahead.


  1. I don’t recognise the Reality TV specifics because I’ve never been sucked in to them, but I do, sadly, totally recognise the trend. People seem to WANT to be annoyed, and once someone expresses annoyance then others think they should do the same. Where is the common sense, the decency, the respect for society?

    I don’t despair, because that would be giving in, but I do fear for the future.

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    1. I am sorry if the picture I painted was one of an underlying theme of hating our President. I thought it was more a post about Reality Television and how the mentality it allowed to flourish is one where winning at all costs is all that matters. It is not a mentality I accept or believe is right.

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      1. You didn’t overall but you certainly didn’t fall to point out that the ultimate reality star is Prez.
        No need to apologize, it was great. I expect that I’m one of the few conservatives on WP and I see a lot of Trump bashing. Is your opinion Wulf and I respect the shit out of you.
        It was a great read. Otherwise I would have just dropped a quick “like”

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        1. I won’t debate something subjective like someone is or isn’t a reality star.

          Don’t assume, Billy. It will probably surprise you and so many people that I *AM* a conservative. What I am not, however, is ruled by a philosophy, so I am OK calling any leader out.

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          1. I apologize. I misread or a bit the first time and I’m a little sensitive, for a lack of a better word, to all of the Trump bashing. What I didn’t state in my comment was how well you captured the”reality TV” mentality we are indeed living in and it’s something that I hate as well.
            It really was a brilliant post and I didn’t assume anything, I just responded to the wrong part.
            I loved it

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              1. Do you have one of those number generating machines? It’ll keep a little order in place 😂. I always tell my family – take a number and get in line. I’ll piss you off when it’s your turn.

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                    1. Thank you, Sis.

                      I said before that I sometimes think it smarter to stay in my den. Oh well, no one ever accused me of being the right kind of smart. Usually it was more the “too smart for my own good” kind of smart.

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                    2. You are perfect as the Wulf you are. How fucking boring and how much faster we’d sink if every now and then there wasn’t a warning howl to light the fuses of those who might be looking for a way out of TV Land.

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  2. Great text Wulf, I couldn’t agree more. We have brought this on ourselves, we have not been in touch with reality and now it has smacked us in the face. This is the first time we have had a reality star in the white house who brought a reality star with him who he now calls a dog. We suck for holding him above the laws of decency.

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  3. You hit the nail on the fucking head! We did it to ourselves. I hate reality tv, always have, since the trend started. Now look what we’re stuck with! I never in my 56 years on this planet, thought we’d have such a screwed up WH and POTUS. I fear for the future of this country. Reblogging this asap!

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  4. In total agreement with you here. Things are much the same this side of the water, so much so that I would venture that the ‘reality’ that is shown is now becoming the ‘reality’ to which many aspire. It’s no wonder that social discourse has crumbled to be replaced by agressive out-doing/ out-posturing.
    But, as you point out, we have brought this upon ourselves. Suggestions as to a way back welcomed!

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    1. I fear that too many are too ignorant to realize the poison they are being fed does nothing but make them addicts to more of the same.

      We can only hope that there will be a shift and the pendulum will swing back to more decent behaviors.

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  5. I’m old enough to remember when “The Real World” killed MTV for me. I couldn’t get it, couldn’t understand any entertainment value in spoiled idiots (roughly my own age) getting their 15 minutes of notoriety in front of the camera or anyone buying into it or thinking it was “real.” I figured, though, it would stay in mediums like that where ignorant children not yet old enough to be self-aware would enjoy snippets of it for a couple of years and then grow up.

    But it spread.

    Fast forward 24 years and the outcome is idiocracy.

    The president is a dumbass. He is the product of modern celebrity worship and the dumbing down of our media product. He is the end result of talk radio and bad education. The only saving grace is that this still might be a trend. He did, after all, lose the popular vote by the largest margin of any sitting president. His disapproval rating remains double digits above his approval rating in the middle of a palpable economic boom. More people do not watch reality TV than watch it.

    (Incidentally, the percentage of those who watch psuedo-reality TV is about the same as those who approve of the idiot-in-chief; imagine that)

    We’re smarter than we think. We’re dumber than we ought to be, but we’re smarter than we think.

    Good post, my brother, you know I love a good rant and especially a good rant from my favorite lycanthrope!

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