We fail to search for
Whence we came,
Because deific delusion
Displaced tolerance with
We are from two.

Hey, Mr. Spaceman,
Why this place?
It interested you,
Yet little trace we find
On the big, blue marble?

Your chariots of fire
Soared o’er the hills
And purple mountain’s majesty.
Hands cast forth catalysts,
Sowing in your wicked wake.

Alea iacta est.
And so we began
Moving back and forth.
Brachiating across your board
Until you grew tired.

Remnants we remain.
A footnote to your time
And to the grand failure
You presented to the judges
Of a galactic science fair.

Left to fend

…to falter…

…to mend?

© Brandewulf 2018


via Toy Chest ~ Brandewulf — MORALITY PARK


  1. I often think about how big the universe is and how small and insignificant we are. We are just a speck in the galaxy amongst galaxies, and yet the earth is big compared to us.
    The creation was a beginning. Humans seek to grasp. We’re driven to understand and dig deeper. We don’t only marvel at the creation, but need to create ourselves…beautiful cities, art…
    Creativity leads to intellectuality, and unfortunately often ends in materialism and destruction. That’ why we often dream of a better world.

    Very thought-provoking and brave. Gorgeous.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is so true. I remember the piece I wrote about the size of the universe and how incredibly tiny our planet is in comparison.

      I am glad you like this one. I know it it is a polarizing piece for some, which may make me appear brave. Just another aspect my pondering I guess.

      Liked by 1 person

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