The Wulf Family Robinson

It’s not often Superman asks you to do something. It’s even more rare that he asks you twice. I promised Billy I would sit down and write about life as a young Wulf, and thought I would tell you a little bit about those times.

One thing to understand about us is that Papa Wulf was a teacher, so he was home for the summer. Yes, I heard the collective groan all the way here. Believe me that I know how NOT fun some summer days could be when dad was home and planned such amazing days as

No, you can’t go to the lake with Jimmy. I thought it would be fun if we pulled the engine on this ’63 Dodge Dart station wagon.

Honest to Bog. Except for changing the name, that happened.

Let me, however, set the record straight. It wasn’t all bad. We always took 2 week trips that were mostly camping. We stayed in some amazing places and saw some of the most beautiful parts this country has to offer. A favorite area to visit for my parents was the Smokey Mountains. We would almost always stop in to Gatlinburg, Tennessee at some point during one of these vacations. One such trip had us drive a little farther east to camp in Cherokee, North Carolina, so we could see an outdoor show or pageant called Unto These Hills. This promotional video does NOT do justice to what it was like to see this show in the outdoors.

These trips made me fall in love with mountains and hills, and living in a bowl just does not feed this Wulf’s soul. The Blue Ridge Parkway forever left its mark on the young cub.


We were able to see the original Jamestown Settlement and other historical and amazing places:

  • Mount Vernon
  • Monticello
  • Washington DC (especially the Smithsonian)
  • Colonial Williamsburg

Close to my favorite trip, however, was when I was only 8. My father took my brother and I to a Saturday afternoon show. At home. We did not know where we were going or why. We piled into a high school gymnasium and were both miserable little boys. A couple, dressed in formal wear, stepped onto the court as classical music started to play. They began to dance. My heart hit the floor.

“Holy Schnikey Papa Wulf,” I thought. You didn’t know that I was the trendsetter for Tommy Boy, did you? OK so maybe I embellished that one a little.

Back to the story….I couldn’t believe he took us to a ballet. IN A GYM?!?!?!

Suddenly, the ballet dancing couple began to fight and fall in rhythm with the music to a physical comedy routine that led directly into the world famous Harlem Globetrotters running onto the court. The next 90 minutes had us laughing so hard we were crying. I recall the look of joy on my dad’s face as he saw how much fun my brother and I were having. It is probably a memory he never forgot.

Remember folks…

It is not where we are that matters. It is why we’re where we are that does.


  1. Another gem I missed. Yesterday Bojana (“the wicked girl, the rebel poet”) said I had missed some things on her wall, and I thought I did not. When I went to look, the first thing that I saw that I missed was her repost of Susan’s “Bog Means God,” which I had no idea I missed, either. Reading the replies on that I see a pingback from the Wulf to something called “The Wulf Family Robinson” (thank bog for pingbacks!), which led me here.

    My only excuse is that the weeks after the fire have been so busy getting folks refit for appliances that I lost all my “down time” at work, which I always use to keep in the loop here. I did my best, but my best (obvi) wasn’t good enough.

    Cuz I can’t believe I missed THIS!

    Thoughts and images of the Life of Wulf are treasures too valuable to overlook. Thank you, Bojana (you loudmouthed, soothsaying, compatriot!) and thank you, Susan (you wonderful, bighearted, insightful goddess!) for leading me home!

    The Globetrotters … want an intro!

    Tell me, now, does a mature Wulf ever visit the Blue Ridge Parkway? Travel to Jamestown? Catch a pageant?!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tom, you need not apologize because you life was disrupted by disaster. And yes, thank Bog for pingbacks!!!

      I am so glad you liked this, and I will write more. Life, as it is, does not allow for travel like that. It might in the future, so I always have hope.

      Liked by 1 person

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