Blind Date

Looking for my profile?
No need. Don’t look.
You’ll find all of me right here.
All you need to know.
I find almost everything funny.
And this laugh is genuine.
It’s all genuine.
Wanting Mr. Fixit?
Keep looking.
Won’t find him here.
Not good with my hands.
Not like that, sunshine.
But my hands will take you.
They’ll make you see God.
You’ll feel him swell within you
And call you home to him.
I’ll give you a shoulder
And hold your hair.
But not just when your sick.
I hold it like a sexual tether
Until you’re ready to laugh too.
No swiping.
Left or right won’t make a difference.
We’ll fuck until we become dark matter.
Lost until all we know is
Our own big bang.

Β© Brandewulf 2018


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