Outline Leading to Where?

Vaporous desert shimmer
Vanishing vacancy
Absent those words
Unseen that insight
These forgotten Fridays
Smokeless profiles
Silent sojourns to self
No journeys home
Reunions happy or not
Nor grateful greetings
Complex and complete
Quiet your exiled retreat

© Brandewulf 2018


  1. Quiet your exiled retreat. Indeed.
    The journey we all have to take sooner or later is a most complex one, the one back to the inner self, often torn to shreds over the years. Some will renounce the civilization and all its drawbacks to reach their goal. I call it the journey back home. If we’re lucky, we can go back. Rare ones succeed.
    Great work. It’s somewhat sad and quiet, but the sadness is not oppressive like your silence the other day. It conveys uncertainty (which isn’t necessarily good or bad but rather neutral) precisely because this is a long journey where we’re alone and uncertain about the outcome.

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