Galapagos Planet

Malice the watchman
Clockmaker’s son
Alice the milkmaid
Mother to none
Barnyard hysterics
Prosthetics on swine
Partisan charlatans
Water to wine
Ego to ipso
Ergo to sum
Desperado de facto
Death in the womb
Vocal histrionics
Passionate pleas
7.6 billion bottles
Tossed in the seas

© Brandewulf 2018


    1. Thank you, Susan. This one started last night, and I couldn’t stop it from writing itself. I knew it was unlike me due to the rhyming scheme, so I was a bit resistant to letting it go. Finally gave in.

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    1. I am incredibly honored that you would think of me/my blog and consider it part of such an amazing group. While I must decline, do not think it for any other reason than I do not do awards other than the one Liebster I decided to accept awhile back.

      Thank you, again, for even thinking about my odd little collection of writings.


  1. Holy crap Wulf! The rhythm and timing.of this is outstanding! Are you taking lyric lessons from Neil Peart? I couldn’t help but finger drum along as I read this.out loud my friend. I could actually hear the song fade out at the end…
    Tossed in the seas..
    Tossed in the seas…
    Tossed in…
    I have no choice but to reblog this my friend ☺

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