Break me.
Crack me open
And taste the tide.
Follow the bright,
The brandy-hued light
That leads to forever.

Look skyward.
Gaze into depths
Of life’s ancient breath.
Reach for your center
To find me inside waiting
For you to join me.

© Brandewulf 2018

Image was taken by me Friday early evening.


  1. This may sound weird, but for months after my open heart surgery, I went through bouts of depression, mood swings, crying for no reason, bouts of anxious fear… This line in your poem reminded me of one of my strange thoughts during that time – “Gaze into depths Of life’s ancient breath.” Hard to explain to those who have not gone through it. Thank you for your words my friend, and not to worry, it was a good memory of reaching for my own center and returning to the me that I was. (And yes, i just got a little teary eyed. Silly old man.)

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    1. It doesn’t sound weird. It is more common than you might know for those feelings to take hold after a major surgery. The pride and elation I feel that what I think then write touches people is not hollow. I wish I could truly share that feeling. There is a sweet spot within most all of us that, if we could but find it, would trigger that feeling of peace. I know you have it, and I know you have been there. Sounds like you just found your way back…nothing silly about you, Walt. It just means you are genuinely alive.

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