Forever Girl

I recall the time
Such beauty I first beheld
Never will I leave

© Brandewulf 2018

I wrote about this bromeliad in a poem last year called Alien Touch. She has bloomed again, and is more beautiful than the first time I saw her.


  1. Good morning and Happy Fourth of July, dear Wolfie. Beautiful poem. In a few words you have seized the astounding yet ephemeral beauty, alas, of flowers and women alike; despite their brief exposure to our retinas they never leave our minds. Congratulations. A big hug. Ciao.

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  2. Good morning dear Wolfie. Considering that you’re an expert in conveying many feelings in just a few words, how about if you start mentoring our dear Bo in the art of frugality of words? We, her battered readers, need a break from her quasi-biblical articles that demand all the stamina and endurance of a 400 meters Olympic relay race-team. Don’t you agree?


    1. I am no expert at all. I am just someone writing what I feel the way I feel it when I feel it. That’s what we all do with our blogs and our comments. I will tell you what I would tell anyone …. there is always an unfollow option for any blog.

      While it might not be your style, there are very many readers out there that love her writings and her comments. To each his own as they say.


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