Telltale Signs

Time twists perceptions
Filling holes with exceptions.
Expectations breed and remain,
Falling like rosewater rain
From a culpable, cloudless sky.
Bent in back breaking positions
From years of revisions,
That poke, prod and pepper
The potently possible with
The infinitely improbable
Early, endgame options.

© Brandewulf 2018


    1. So glad you liked this one. It started more legato, but I felt the shift and followed it.

      That sounds a little selfish to me. I think we should always try to absorb some of what we are being shown. It helps us learn and grow.

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  1. The first line grabbed me and never let go. Normally i just kind of skim over poetry like this, but I keep rereading each line and smiling as that famous light bulb went off in my brain. What I’m trying to say is that i like it!

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