Hurtful Words

Whither you wore and tore me down
With your score of igneous insults
Written in such flammable fashion.
Whipped senseless I was by words
And flayed by your furious phrases.

Slayed by sentence after sentence
Until I was left, shaken and bereft,
Uncertain of what gravity felt like.
The world I walked twisted before
My eyes dripping blood and tears.

I strode the dunes of Mars
Gasping for want of fresh,
But only able to inhale more
Of life’s noxious gasses
Until I lay dying of who I was.

Reborn by you with hazy hues
I finally stood anew. Awake.
No more forsaking what you said,
But refreshed for having passed
Through your teeth and lips.

© Brandewulf 2018

Inspired by this most amazing poem written by Susan Richardson.


  1. Wulf, this is an explosive piece that brings me to my knees. If my poem inspired this jaw clenching gorgeousness, this beautiful exhalation, then I am doing something right. I am honored! Maybe we should consider a collaboration! Love you!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I hadn’t either and I don’t even really know how it works, but reading this poem last night made me think we could create something pretty cool together. A.G.’s collaborative pieces were the first I had read and I love them and I love the idea. We should definitely talk more about it!!!!


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