Song Lyric Sunday (6/17/18) – Seconds/Minutes/Hours

Helen’s prompt for this week’s Song Lyric Sunday deals with the measurement’s of time. How the seconds become minutes become hours. For my selection this week, I am going to stay with the word time and go to a band I haven’t selected yet. (Neener neener neener for those of you who swore I would select Time Stand Still by Rush.)

Nope. For this week I am going back to the year 1975 and a band called Styx. This was before Tommy Shaw joined the band. I selected this particular song because of what it says, and how timely it is today. It is a song about the faded glory of a nation. Our nation. It’s a statement about national pride, but pride for the right reasons. Dennis wrote this as the nation was preparing for our bicentennial, and how false and fallible he felt we had become. The song begins with the word prompt but means so, so  much more. And it means so much more today.

The recording I am including will lead in with a musical intro called Prelude (Promised Land). The one I am presenting is from the album Equinox, and I give you Suite Madam Blue.

Time after time I sit and I wait for your call
I know I’m a fool but what can I say
Whatever the price I’ll pay for you, Madame Blue
Once long ago, a word from your lips and the world turned around
But somehow you’ve changed, you’re so far away
I long for the past and dream of the days with you, Madame Blue

Suite Madame Blue, gaze in your looking glass
You’re not a child anymore
Suite Madame Blue, the future is all but past
Dressed in your jewels, you made your own rules
You conquered the world and more …………..heaven’s door


Red white and blue, gaze in your looking glass
You’re not a child anymore
Red, white, and blue, the future is all but past
So lift up your heart, make a new start
And lead us away from here

Written by Dennis De Young.


  1. Ah yes, I need to return to the land of Styx; it has been too long. I’d do it this morning, but it’s Sunday so more appropriate would be another classic song by one of the great bands always, about time.

    “Sitting on this barstool, talking like a damn fool, I got the twelve o’clock news blues…”

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