Truth Be Told

She smiled awhile
To firmly hold onto
Expectations self-imposed.

He smiled beguiled
By those past predictions
Painted on ancestral canvas.

She learned to dance
But took the lead
With reflection as a partner.

He learned to sing,
But created harmonies
In a chorus crowded but quiet.

She reached beyond
Because her smile
Ceased to ease or please her.

He heard echoing to
Melody’s melancholy rain song.
A banjo bouncing off mountains.

One dance, one song
Where hope belongs
Hidden in plain sight.

She smiles beguiled,
Basking bright
In mirrored love.

He smiles awhile
With voices shared
Where before none dared.


  1. Oh, and basking too. Fucking hell!
    All in a single poem. Now I have to reconsider. You’ll think of me as a copycat. Or not….
    Whatever the case, I’m sure you’ll like my perceptive too, because it’s different. That’s the beauty of poetry, right?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “One dance, one song
”Where hope belongs
”Hidden in plain sight.”

    Oho… one dance and one song, where hope doth belong, yet hidden in plain sight?! Methinks only those who know the dance and song exist know to look for the hope because hiding in plain sight is much easier than most realize. But you know where to look, don’t you Wulf?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Tanya, Tanya…hell. I’ve read enough of what you have written to know for a fact that we are no different. I’m just more narcissistic in having to get it out of me.

      The fact that there is such an amazing group of people out here that it touches is a magical bonus.

      Add to that how vocal with praise and…well…fuck me.

      You guys rock!!!


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