Fatal Advice ~ Brandewulf — MORALITY PARK

Surrender not Your spirit free To ghost granted wishes That only lull and dull you Like some holy heroin trip. He plucks the sweet ones Or fills their bodies black. He breaks beauty into pieces And moves us as his pawns. Hallowed be his game. Face the farce, the harsh, To accept the part and […]

via Fatal Advice ~ Brandewulf — MORALITY PARK


  1. A.G. wrote something yesterday about feeling envy when reading your poetry, and I must admit to feeling the same. I often read your work Wulf, and wonder how you put the words together so beautifully, seamlessly and flawlessly. Your poetry is otherworldly, transcends the tangible, and I do envy your craft, but it is envy with lots of love. I am so excited to read all that is to come.

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    1. If I wasn’t at work I would be weeping from this, in addition to what AG and Maggie said. You guys are killing me…but in a good way.

      I am honored by what you say, and humbled by the loving envy.

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