Rough Draft

Haunted happiness
An outline of utterances and
Self-flagellating phrases.
Up then down where down dwells,
Permanent resident in a shame shack.
Black attack. Stepping back.
World view through cataracts.

Ego in duas vellor partes tres.
Divided. A sample provided.
Two worlds collided but united.
Breaking chains with soft refrains.
Ignoring all the disdains.
Overcrowded wagon trains.
Seeking the sweetest of pains.

Earnestly fixed on finding
Everything on the grinding wheel.
Turn, turn, turn.
Where’s the purpose?
Outside heaven. Inside hell.
Stop the clock to silence
The bell that tolls and tolls.

Arguments follow in
Lemming like leaps.
One. Two.
Shackle my shoe.
Stunting freeform faces
Through their daily races
To keep in God’s good graces.


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