Winter withdraws
In waves that pull
Ever northward.
…and still it sets.

Summer screams
In blasts of fire
Beating and heating.
…and still it sets.

Discarded souls
Walk and wander
In their concrete world.
…and still it sets.

Self-made heroes parade
Among throngs
Blinded by their beliefs.
…and still it sets.

Slaves to euphoria
Dream that they weren’t
Asleep in their bed of nails.
…and still it sets.

Cries escape and explode
From lung’s first gasp
As they greet us.
…and still it sets.

Tears flow freely
With final farewells
And lost regrets.
…and still it sets.

Clarion call corpses
Line the tarmac
Without any fanfare.
…and still it sets.

New winds whip through
The empty, rusted wrecks
Of what we once were.
…and still it sets.


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