Color Me

I used to live in black and white
All colors drained away from sight
Until I learned to pierce the veil
That kept me hidden from the light.

So many years of indigos
Lay buried under winter snows
While folly’s friend and confidant
Put on these merry minstrel shows.

Lullabies and pleasant dreams
Did nothing to abate those screams
That tried to summon what was lost
And buried in the playwright’s themes.

Quite deep within these memories
Lay all love’s dormant reveries
While clamoring to cling on to
And resurrect my miseries.

When without pause a face beguiles
Forgiving and forgetting trials
That painted tainted hearts of grey
To saturate my soul with smiles.


    1. Thank you, Susan. I am coming to terms with the fact that my style is as fluid as my subject matter. While I know that some readers might not like that as they prefer the comfort of consistency, I am becoming more comfortable with it.

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