Seek not the darker doors.
They stand as always
Ever present. Ever here.
Waiting for thy knock.
The rap of thy knuckles
Like a lover’s touch
To that which waits
So silently, so patiently
Upon the other side.

In stillness will it find thee.
In chaos swirling call thee.
It need not be thy steps
That lead thee closer still.
Do not let thy dance card
Settle in such callous hands,
Stay thy search for reason.
But simply seek for solace
And find thee haven here.

Apart from all but special few
Thy spirit bares such beauty.
With honest winds to guide,
To gather light about and
Bring it all within thee.
But if such winds blow fierce
And unsteady thee becomes
That falling fast is imminent,
These arms will catch. Will hold.

No demon dark can bite or mark
When around thee I stand guard.
So see his door, the gargoyle’s head,
And know it can stay closed.
But if to unlock, open it thy must,
Then stand behind and brace thee,
To see these shoulders squared
And hear such mighty roar
With force to surely banish.


  1. This is Beautiful! It is strong bones, a foundation that is always there beneath chaos. As Bojana says, serenity amidst chaos….I think this is what you are so much of the time, what your writing is.

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    1. Even when following in Frodo’s Footsteps? Thank you for the kind words.

      I wasn’t certain about this one as I started writing. As I told Bojana, I know it was old feeling. I just wasn’t sure if it would flow.

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  2. I want to stand up and take on a pack of orcs. Now. But I better get a thief to check out that door, first. 😉

    I loved this one, brother, on so many levels. One of my favorite characters was a Paladin named Sanire. Okay, well, he was an Anti-Paladin, actually, but let’s keep that between us. 😎

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              1. Oh yes, quite. LG and CE would be in concordant opposition on the alignment wheel. 😉

                However, since paladin-ship is an order and even the anti-paladin serves a “cause” that denotes “order,” that is the province of the “lawful” alignment. 😁

                Consider the definition:

                “fanatical zealots serving evil deities as crusaders, commanders, and champions. They are the profane standard-bearers, the battle-line breakers, and the unforgiving masters of fell armies.”

                “Zealots.” “Crusaders.” “Commanders.” “Standard-bearers.”

                All terms to indicate causes and service. Order, in the name of evil. I would sooner accept NE (pure evil) than CE (serving chaos in the name of evil or evil in the name of chaos). Barbarians are chaotic. Paladins, of all sort, serve order. 😎

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                1. Oh yes…hence the debate…had this one MANY times back in my gaming group. I recall an article in Dragon magazine that listed paladins of each alignment and gave gaming scenarios for each. I admit I fell on the LE side of the debate. My argument is that they served evil through a system of order. Darth Vader was an example I used.

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