Frodo’s Footsteps

Synapses overloading
With each footfall.
Fight or flight
Bottled so tight
And fervently held close.
Neither a choice.
Trading burdens for bargains
And a bruised psyche.
Bitterly frittering hours
With tocks crashing.
Weighted and hating.
Fated and waiting.
Bramble like souls
Tearing and grating
Against this tidal flow.
Handholds of jet cut, a laughing
Reminder that life remains.
Ascending steps like passing
Through layers of clay.
Facing the fire of origin
With vacant, hollow eyes and
Mouth slack from this quest.


    1. Based upon one of your more recent posts, I am betting you get this more than you realize. Maybe it’s just that you are not that familiar with the character of Frodo from Lord of the Rings.

      Liked by 1 person

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