Feeding Frenzy

Erupting from beneath, below
The blanket of yesterday’s beauty
With no regard.
No respect.
No remorse.
Clawing and climbing with
Ugly, undulating progress
Paved by those that came before us.
Denying us.
Deceiving us.
Congregating before the pulpit
Of false pretenses and
Paradoxical preachers directing us.
Dissecting us.
Disconnecting us.
Carving each starving soul like
A holiday feast to be fed to
The masses at the soup line of ignorance.
Pretending to care as long as it’s safe
But doesn’t break in to interrupt
Daily programming ladled for us.
Labelled for us.
Cradle to graved for us.

Picture of and inspired by one of many eruptions in our garden from these lubbers/grasshoppers called devil’s horses.


        1. Thank you, Susan. I would lie to you if I said I knew where my voice was right now. It’s uncertain and experimental I feel. I am ok with it. Just not in a comfort zone if that makes sense.

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          1. Sometimes that is where our best work comes from, that place of unknowing. Often, it is where discovery takes place. You are embracing this space that exists outside of your comfort zone, Wulf, and some extraordinary poetry is happening because of it.

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              1. It can be a scary place, emotionally and artistically, but this poem explodes out of those murky depths. My writing voice in a confusing and transitional place as well, and you are such an inspiration to me.

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        1. It is interesting you say that. Someone once told me that pain and darkness are fertile grounds for a poet. I believe that. It also makes me think back to the core of the Star Wars mythology, especially the code of the Sith Lords:

          “Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
          Through passion, I gain strength.
          Through strength, I gain power.
          Through power, I gain victory.
          Through victory, my chains are broken.”

          For comparison, here is the Jedi Code:
          “There is no emotion, there is peace.
          There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.
          There is no passion, there is serenity.
          There is no chaos, there is harmony.
          There is no death, there is the Force.”

          Makes me think the Jedi would make horrible poets.

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  1. I can see why they are called devil’s horses. Loved this Wulf, especially these lines since I’m a preacher’s kid:
    “Congregating before the pulpit
    Of false pretenses and
    Paradoxical preachers directing us.
    Dissecting us.
    Disconnecting us.
    Carving each starving soul like
    A holiday feast to be fed to”
    Brilliant lines and so true, my friend.

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  2. Great read and stunning picture! When I saw it I thought “that can’t be a real pic?!” but it looked so much like your yard (from other pics). I guess things are different out in your neck of the woods; I would freak out if I saw those here! 😂

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    1. Yes, there are different down here in the sub-tropical gulf coast area. We are already hitting the 90’s and the humidity is rising. I have one of a gorgeous garter snake we saw in the dead ginger that we wanted to clear. I’ll have to do something with that pic as well.

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              1. Holy Mother of Pearl!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                Get out of there, George!!!! Run as fast as you can. Run for your life!!!!!!! Why don’t you try Europe?! We don’t have such beasts.

                How do I know it’s your garden? I want a video of your hand with an inscription: You asked for it.

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                1. Hmmm….I have always wanted to visit the old world sometime.

                  Well because George has never lied to you. However, it sounds like someone wants to make a wager. I shall provide such video proof What do I get when I prove this to be true.

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