In silent veracity the falseness
Comes alive and steals the night.
Dwelling in temerity it ticks and tocks,
Takes time from me in gasping gulps of air.

The trigger of one’s validation
Slowly breeds anticipation that
Builds and builds until it falls
Like castles small and made of sand.

The raging winds that push the clouds
Along the blue green river of sky
Will not deny me of my truth nor
Hide the rains within these oceans.

For simpler men the world reveals
Little of her appeal locked within
A mind of magic amazement and allure.
Captured moments that breathe deep.

So slumber now devoid of doubt
Within yourself, but then without
Your sacrificial blade. The keen edge
Tracing lines that only one can see.


                    1. Apparently it’s some radical kid’s show…at least in China.

                      “Not according to state-run news outlet, Global Times, which claimed that the cartoon had ‘become an unexpected cultural icon of shehuiren subculture in China,’ a term that refers to ‘people who … are usually poorly educated with no stable job,’ and are ‘unruly slackers roaming around and the antithesis of the young generation the Party tries to cultivate.’ “

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