Rush Reboot – Red Lenses (1984)

It has been a little while since I posted a Reboot, so not sure if you missed it. I was pulled back into real world by our fearlessmongering leader. (Thanks SOOOO fucking much.) Then this tune popped into my head, and I remember the time.

Fear Russia. Fear this. Fear that. Fear, fear, fear. Let’s do the math, shall we? 2018-1984=34 years. 30-fucking-four years and what have we learned? We’ve learned that if someone makes enough noise it will drown out the reality of what they are trying to do. Deflection by over stimulation. I need to get back in my den.

Oh well. Here is Red Lenses from the 1984 album Grace Under Pressure.

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

i see red
it hurts my head
guess it must be something
that i read

it’s the colour of your heartbeat
a rising summer sun
the battle lost — or won 
the flash to fashion
and the pulse to passion —

feels red
inside my head
and truth is often bitter —
left unsaid
said red red
thinking about the overhead —
the underfed
— couldn’t we talk about something else instead?

we’ve got mars on the horizon
says the national midnight star
(it’s true)
what you believe is what you are 
a pair of dancing shoes —
the soviets are the blues —

the reds
under your bed
lying —
in the darkness
dead ahead

and the mercury is rising
barometer starts to fall
you know it gets to us all 
the pain that is learning
and the rain that is burning —

feel red
still — go ahead
you see black and white —
and i see red
(not blue)


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