Boot Black

The cobblestone cobbler again
Steps forth to work on the
Path of pebbles before him,
Always sifting and shifting
Under his unshorn, calloused feet.

He tends to and mends to the
Well worn walkways and trails,
Bargains and broken promises
That lead to the corner lampost
That sows shadows on the soul.


  1. This is beautiful, exquisite, full of exhaustion but also resolve. It is at once task and dedication. There is a lot of emotional juxtaposition in your work, warring sides of things, conflict that is charged but has purpose and destination. You are on bloody fire in your poetry right now, Wulf.

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    1. I feel the same. I love his juxtapositions, and a comparison/contrast effect they create. As Dickens would say-the worst and best of times, the age of wisdom and the age of foolishness. Putting opposites in the same venue only emphasizes their differences.
      Our Wulf seems to be a fan of the phrase “opposites attract,” just like his juxtapositions.

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