One never knows how silent
The night when unanswered
Are the calls. How empty the sky
When cloud cover takes the reigns
And pulls at the thundering steeds.

The light that life uneasy grips,
It shrouds in mourning cloth
Until it is smothered and still;
Vacant and willing to believe that
Snake oil is the miracle mixer.

With miss or miss this forsaken kiss
Brings small solace to the mirror.
Fables are the epitaphs of the bold
While simpler times are forgotten
Or traded in for just one more round.

Willing to swap truth for dare
They share the monumental.
The consequential desire to break
Forth and scream with one voice
Carries them on silent winds.


      1. I am having a hard time finding those things at all this morning Wulf, but the poem is exquisite and speaking to the state of my heart. I know I will come back and read it again and again today and the final stanza will take hold of me.

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          1. Thank you Sweet Wulf. I also wanted to share with you this part of a comment I woke up to this morning, in response to my post yesterday……”Oh wonderful–he’s definitely one of my favourite writers!……you are touching so many with your beautiful poetry! I am feeling a growth and motion in your work right now that is incredibly exciting.

            Liked by 2 people

            1. I know I have seen a lot of new faces hit my blog since you started pimping me out. 🤣😂🤣

              Seriously, though. Thank you so much. While I don’t know who MyDangBlog is, I will have to thank them as well.

              Liked by 2 people

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