Behind The Scenes

If you’ve followed along with me for any length of time you know I often get inspired by the flowers (and some times the weeds) I see growing in our yard. It’s one of those things that make me the hybrid I called myself in the poem I Am. I wrote one of those flower poems a few days ago called Little Pleasures. That poem was inspired by these small  purple clovers I saw dotting the yard.

Just the other day, inspired by our rose bush, I wrote another poem called Everything. An amazing writer and brilliant soul named Brooke Breazeale, one of the most beautiful people on the planet, commented on it. This is what she said:

Couldn’t get my head around this when I read it. Then last night, I was watching “Leaning into the wind”, a documentary that was pretty incredible (link to trailer here: ( and your words popped in my head… you’ll get it when you see the trailer. 🙂 All to say, love your words.

So I watched the trailer, and I was floored by what she was telling me. There is a line in the trailer that she told me reminded her of my writing. For her to think of me with that degree of art only proves what I have said since I first discovered her blog. Brooke is made of light. Shut up, Brooke. You are. Seriously. She is.

Her comment got me thinking about the way that the world grabs me sometimes. How it twists my perspective and I see it from a different angle.

I saw some of those little purple clovers again , and I realized that many people might have no idea of their true size in the picture I took. I thought I would share their size, so that those of you who appreciated it would see them as the world presents them to us. As I first saw them. You might see why it’s important to get on the ground, sometimes, and look at something from a completely different point of view.

Here’s that’s little behind the scenes and inside the mind of me; your friendly, neighborhood Wulf.

First, the one I took from low to the ground that was the featured image:


Now here’s one with my hand that I took to show you their true size:



      1. Even to the thorns, there is a gentle quality, an elegance. You can’t invent that. Most days, I feel like one of those shriveled up old cacti, with serious needles just waiting to fuck anyone up who comes near them.

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  1. What the hell?! Why didn’t I get notified of this?! WordPress is so not my friend this week.
    Anyway, your words melted me and fed my soul, thank you. And yes, you absolutely do view the world through a lens of curiosity and wonder: a rare and beautiful gift. You extend this gift to us every time you share your perspective with words that caress the page and find their way into our souls. It’s a win/win, really. :o)

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