Rush Reboot – Freewill (1980)

Songwriting wise, I love the rhythmic flow of Neil’s words, and the way that Geddy paces them. The musicianship within is perfectly balanced including outstanding bass-play by him.

This is a song that speaks to my core. For I am a free thinker. A free man. I’ve always been that way. I was born that way. As I alluded to in this poem, I was challenged to write about where I came from. Who I am. In it I stated that I was always my own pipe and piper. This song is somewhat of an anthem for me. For I do not believe anyone responsible for the state of our world and its people other than the people themselves. We can choose to decide our course. Our fate. Or, we can choose to hand it over to those who serve their own.

From the album Permanent Waves, here is the song Freewill.

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

There are those who think that life
Has nothing left to chance
With a host of holy horrors
To direct our aimless dance

A planet of playthings
We dance on the strings
Of powers we cannot perceive
“The stars aren’t aligned –
Or the gods are malign”
Blame is better to give than receive

You can choose a ready guide
In some celestial voice
If you choose not to decide
You still have made a choice
You can choose from phantom fears
And kindness that can kill
I will choose a path that’s clear
I will choose free will.

There are those who think that
They were dealt a losing hand
The cards were stacked against them
They weren’t born in Lotus-Land.

All pre-ordained
A prisoner in chains
A victim of venomous fate
Kicked in the face
You can’t pray for a place
In Heaven’s unearthly estate

Each of us
A cell of awareness
Imperfect and incomplete
Genetic blends
With uncertain ends
On a fortune hunt
That’s far too fleet…


        1. It is a brilliant song. Neil said it is the hardest song for him to play live due to the pace, the intensity, and the length.

          It’s just a lot of AirPlay. I bet you could step back from it and gain an appreciation you didn’t know you had.

          Liked by 1 person

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