Impeccable Timing

Parallel lines never reach
The same point but falsely
Appear to kiss on the horizon.
The permanent illusions that
Lead to conclusions which fixate
And frustrate further than;
And, sadly, attempt to win a race
While sitting in a rocking chair.


      1. Hi sweet darling! Everything is fine. I’ve just been really, really busy getting thing finalized so I can retire and was moving my blog to self-hosting at the same time. You’ll have to refollow and you might have to paste the url into your Reader>Manage section for posts to show up.

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        1. Tanya, I hope you and Brooke realize how fond I am of you both. And if that was not known till now, we’ll it’s there. The happiness of your spirits are something that matter a great deal to me.

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          1. Your admiration for Brooke, her story, and the impact she has had on you is no secret Wulf, so I am confident she knows…and that she feels blessed. She’s a bit of a softie, you know. 😉 As for me. Well, you have brought a tear to my eye, because I know that your words are always sincere and come straight from the heart. So I know you mean what you say. Knowing this, blesses me more than you can possibly imagine. Thank you, my friend.

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  1. I am with Bojana, Wulf! You are reaching in new and really exciting directions. The last two lines in this one really bring me in. Fantastic! The elegance of your use of language will always leave me a bit breathless.

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