I am …

It started with  an amazing post by she who is made of light. Brooke Breazeale in this challenge she made. Her challenge was to Tom Being Tom, who responded with an AMAZING piece of poetry that proves he’s so fucking great with words. All words. Your rhythm my brother. Your rhythm.

And so, you looked my way. All questing done, you nodded across the campfire and passed me an ale, thus signifying it was my tale to tell. My song to sing. And I accepted. It is with humble reluctance, as Brooke mentioned in a comment, that I try to tell you just where I come from.

I am …

Son of a southern belle;

She. The true steel magnolia.

Son of a musician turned teacher.

And teacher. And teacher. And teacher.

Biloxi born but bayou bred

Alas, I was not cut of that ilk.

One shot. False shot. Only one

And I become a pupil of Assisi.

Touched by joy and seeker of light,

I am of compassion and composition.

I’m become. Lost in love of the lyric and song.

My life story to change. To shift. To Drift?

A life to flow as with music. Full of notes.

Half notes. Quarter notes. Whole notes.

So many key changes and resting stops

Are the sheet music what is my life.

Codas with endless crescendos

And the dying diminuendos.

I wrestle inside to find. To resign

Myself and harmonic dissonance

And all those syncopated choices.

Living with darkness and light.

A boy. A beast. A man all

Learning to hold hands for

This is what I am. The wild child.

Five of five Cleavers I am.

Yet always my own pipe and piper.

A witty and willing romantic

But unwitting poet born late.

I’m a hybrid and of hubris,

Of golf and of geek.

Of business and soft words.

I am…


And with that I set down my empty flagon and look around the campfire. This is hard. Hard to choose. But I must pour and pass the next cup to an amazing writer, poet, and person. She sees more than she thinks, and thinks deep. Susan, my Cali girl. Please accept my humble request.


  1. I knew this would be beautiful. I knew it would bring me to tears and sink beneath my skin. You are the phoenix, the man who discovers rebirth again and again through your poetry and your spirit. I am honored that you have passed me the cup and I will do my best to honor you and all of the amazing writers participating in this challenge. I love writing challenges, but this one is particularly special. Thank you Wulf!!!!

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    1. I love how this is unfolding. I’m going to repeat what everyone said – thank you Brooke for starting an amazing challenge.
      Suzie Q, I hope you have recovered. We missed you terribly here.
      And you my dear George can’t stop to surprise me. Words dance from your mouth onto the paper, easily and unpretentiously. It’s pure joy reading and knowing you.

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      1. Thank you beautiful lady! I am feeling much better. I am working on the challenge presented to me by our Wulf (finding it difficult, I must admit) and I was thinking about you , Bojana. I was feeling that I would refrain from passing the challenge onto you , when it’s time, because I know that you are in the grips of writing your story right now and it is a painful process; I wanted to honor that. However, if you feel like you want to participate, I will honor that as well. I wanted to ask first.

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      2. I didn’t get a chance to really sit down and reply to this the way I wanted to. So I waited. And I am still overwhelmed by your words. Bojana, this means SO much to me, on so many fucking levels. I don’t know if I can ever really express just how much.

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        1. If you read poetry on a regular basis, and study it passionately, like you and Susan do, and try to apply what you have learned to your own craft day in day out, challenging yourselves and surprising us, then there is a very good chance that you are writing good poems. To yours, the reader reacts both emotionally and intellectually. You guys have touched my heart and engaged my brain. So, the thing is, I am overwhelmed by YOUR words (poetry, not praise this time)…. on so many fucking levels, my dear friends.

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  2. Holy fucking shit, Wulf!! You’ve gone and done it, haven’t you? Wow. I expected something like this from you, but as much as I expected it, you still managed to reach deep inside of me and make me feel all the things. Just so unbelievably good on so many levels; it’s a masterpiece and a very treasured glimpse into the people and things that have shaped you into the man you are today. You are you. And, well, that is absolutely fucking perfect. Stunning, Wulf. Truly.

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    1. Jesus…too fucking honored. I just pulled myself together after Susan’s comment…and now this.

      I saw a bunch of typos I just had to correct. So that was humbling. Brooke’s and Tom’s poems had my wheels rolling…so I have to thank them for the rush of inspiration.

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  3. Okay, well, presently can’t see what I’m typing, so I’m going to try to pull myself together and honor this with the response it deserves.
    My god, BW, your soul, your heart- they don’t just infuse your words, they transform them into an enchanting journey- one that takes us to the ethereal, even mystical, yet keeps us grounded as we discover your truth: a truth that inspires us, with passion and intensity, to dig deeper so we may know ours…this, my boy, is magic. (and of course, I have questions…)
    You just had to go and pass the torch to another brilliant poet, didn’t you, just to keep us ‘dabblers’ humble. ;o)
    (Truth: this is all unfolding exactly as I’d hoped…)

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    1. OK I am just going to sit in a tub for a bit. Your comments, along with the rest you have seen, are piercing and uplifting. I recall Bojana telling me to learn to accept compliments.

      So thank you. Thank you so very much. For not just this praise, but for starting this challenge

      As for your questions…I’ll answer what I can.

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  4. Magnifico, you sorceric maestro! When I spoke of magic, of the ability to cast incantations with virtuoso proficiency, I spoke of this. You have the ability to weave a spell, not just with words, but with combinations of words, and flows, and stops. That kind of ability has a mesmeric quality; and you are the hypnotist.

    Like Brooke, I have a million questions. But I know better. In art, we must read between the lines. A true work is open to interpretation, and the fun begins when we start to unravel the mystery behind the work, behind the artist.

    Great, great stuff. 👏👏👏

    I was hoping Susan was next. I almost picked two. 😉

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    1. Thank you so very, very much, my brother. I understand the importance of the words you used above to describe my writing. I was being very sincere when I told you the way yours inspired me yesterday. (If you had seen all the typos you would know that I was frenzied.)

      I don’t mind the questions, Tom. I’ll always answer what I can or feel comfortable. If it’s something you want to know, like Brooke. Ask.

      There were two that topped my list to challenge. I almost put them both, so I am hoping someone passes the cup to Bojana very, very soon.

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  5. I am JUST catching up with these amazing posts by your artistic tribe! Love it. You are all so gifted. Keep the circle going. I am not a poet (I cannot write poetry) but I understand the work that went into these and ADORE reading them! Wordsmiths! All of you. Loved this Wulf. Bravo!~Kim

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  6. Hey Wulf, I’ve found myself here and I’m simply blown away by what I’ve been reading. What an amazing challenge and your words here are simply brilliant, in fact I still have tears in my eyes as I’m typing this. We all have such a story to tell and you told yours magnificently. Wonderful piece of writing. Bravo.

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  7. I too have found myself here Wulf, via the Incurable Dreamer. I have now read three of these poems and each one is stunningly beautiful in it’s own right. So much mystery and magic in your words. Speechless ❤ xx

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