We Are So Clueless

It happened again. 2nd time in about a month. The first time I didn’t bring it up or write about it. Well, that’s not totally true. I just didn’t let you know that a movie called The Zookeepers Wife was the source of why I wrote something. That movie left me hurting and humbled for who we humans are and what we have so often done. Well, it has happened again. Same. But different. It was one of those perspective gaining moments where one realizes, or at least should realize, how fucking great we have it in this the nation we call America.

I read this article this morning about the story of Yeonmi Park.

Here is a brief excerpt. If you don’t feel up to reading the entire article, please read this at least…and let it sink in. Deep. Deeeeeep. I’ll be back.

She says she endured repeated sexual exploitation at the hands of a human trafficker and watched as her mother was sold off and forced to marry a Chinese farmer. Park later trekked across the Gobi Desert to seek refuge in Mongolia before reaching South Korea…Once across the border in China, Park says that one of the brokers tried to rape her, but her mother offered herself and was raped instead. Eventually her mother was sold as a bride to a Chinese farmer in the countryside.

…sinking….sinking…thinking on it…ready?


OK, I’m back. This woman’s story touched me. It really got me pondering. Wondering. A lot. Remember that I have said it isn’t always a good thing for the Wulf to come out of his den and see the world around him. But I can’t help it. So I do. And I think…which I did.

I read this story. And I thought about this girl. How fucking bad are our lives compared to what she went through? And she’s not the exception. She’s the norm for so many other countries out there. Yes, I know there are problems here…but really? When have any of us worried anything on the level of this? Do you think she or others in North Korea and other nations have the luxury to ask the following questions:

  1. regular or decaf
  2. what shoes should I wear
  3. what gender do I associate with

Now before anyone goes slamming me because of #3, please take a moment and breathe. I am not invalidating the question. I am just saying that we live in a nation where that CAN be a valid question. Teenagers today have the luxury to sit back and ask those sorts of questions. That’s a lot better thing to be able to ponder instead of these:

  1. when will the next rapist enter the room
  2. is my family still alive

The point I am trying to make here is this. We have no clue as to what is really going on in so many places. We are insulated. We are happy. Why would we want to know? It would only cause us grief to know. We might get a little sad and question our own positions and beliefs. How could we POSSIBLY watch the next episode of The Bachelor, or Big Brother, or Dancing With the Stars if we knew that a mother asked a man to rape her instead of her daughter. How many of us could survive that experience? Could move on? Could finally marry, find happiness, have children…and speak out about to other countries? That is their norm.

You see? Insulated. We have the luxury to ask questions that seem important BECAUSE of where we live. Fuck, we are allowed to ask questions. So many others are executed for  it. I know we can’t save everyone. I know we can’t directly impact so many of these, our fellow humans that face these issues daily. We can, however, impact those that think they own this country. We can impact those that think they have the <insert_deity_name_of_choice> given right to dictate who we want to be as a nation.

Now you see why I prefer the solitude and sanctity of my den? Why I don’t like to think? I think I need to gnaw on a different bone now. This one has has turned to ash in my mouth.


  1. Thank you for sharing this story, dear. It touched me deeply.

    Why do we need to share such stories and leave the comfort of our dens to address such problems?
    Because this is what critical thinking is all about. It does not only imply being critical in the typical, negative sense of the word. It means making judgments, learning, questioning, rejecting generalizations and general knowledge/truths, examining the source of information, being open-minded, staying well-informed, being unbiased.

    So let’s stay informed, let’s share, let’s show sympathy, empathy, understanding, let’s be critical thinkers. Let’s not be ignorant.

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    1. I know…it is why I keep coming out. You know of what I speak, having been through and part of something that we over here have been so insulated from and misinformed about..

      Let’s hope we all get a clue.

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  2. I know how hard it was for you to write this Wulf. And I praise you for writing what needed to be written. My wife calls my writing/computer room my Crate, and like you I hate to leave it’s safety and isolation. Like you, it’s hard for me to write about the killing happening in our society. Probably because I normally write poetry about Love and romance. You’re right my friend, we don’t realize how fortunate we are to live in America. God Bless you Wulf, and maybe we both should come out of our den/ crate more often.

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  3. I don’t watch the news on TV anymore, but now and then, an internet story will grab my attention like this one. Just telling the story of Yeonmi Park, her courage in overcoming and escaping to freedom, puts hope out into the world – And of course, awareness of what we have to be thankful for. Despair can creep up on us and sometimes I hide in my den, too. One thing that helps is to do a little volunteer work, just a couple of hours a week, in my own town. Even a kind word helps push back the darkness. Thank you for sharing this story.

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  4. I say we kick the crate over, and pour out of our dens in droves. Park’s story needs to be heard. So does Lola Pulido’s and #HerToo and #HerToo and #HerToo. The more we share and know the more that gets done. It is in the quiet that the vile actions of men (of humans) go unpunished.

    I love this. Your passion. It hurts, but we must be uncomfortable if we are to enact change. We must not tolerate this. Not in the third world. Not in the first world. Not from Hollywood. Not from presidents.

    Climb on top of the den and howl.

    I’m listening. 🙂

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  5. Oh, my brother! I hear the howl and know the depths it takes your soul to look outside the boundaries of our Candy Land experience – that is what it is compared to more than two-thirds of the human population; and quite frankly to a good majority of human beings right here in our own back yards.

    It is precisely why I dive into the sadness and let it scratch me up for a while. I NEVER want to be a human who hides my head or protects my heart from the wounds of others. I grow stronger when I fight for the weak.

    You are a wonderful and beloved human being to me.

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  6. My heat is breaking. It should be breaking. I hate that this is in our world, but it is and it needs to be talked about and you are taking about it Wulf. I have often been one to hide away, to turn from heartbreak because of the helplessness I felt in hearing about such atrocities, but they need to stop, and perhaps it is those of us who hide that need most to come out of the shadows and add our voices to the mix.

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