Remember Me

The quiet should not sound so loud
In these the corner closets of my mind.
Hidden spaces now too brightly lit
Like dueling searchlights at a premier.
Back alleys of thought turn and lead,
Winding and finding their wistful way
To the same twisting courtyard of me.
They meander, merge, and meet as one
In collected recollections of timestamps
Where a man reflects on regrets and missteps,
Chasing and racing to face the boy he once knew.


    1. Thank you, Tanya. I had the advantage of literally watching myself the other day. Won’t give details but it reminded me of who I was…the pain, the awkwardness, the joy, the sorrow. I think so many of us could stand to give that person inside them a hug. He was my foundation regardless of any bad choices we made along the way. And he is here with me forever.

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