Rush Reboot – Instrumentals

I know I have gone on and on about the symbiotic relationship that is core to Rush’s identity and genius: music and lyrics. I have posted enough Reboots and seen the comments to understand that an appreciation has either been born or rekindled for some who read along with what I publish. I will like to divert, for awhile, to let these three musician’s virtuosity in construction and performance enjoy some of the limelight.

Over the years, starting with the album 2112, Rush included instrumentals on at least 7 of their studio albums. Their ability to engage the listener with pure instrumentals became such a driving force that so many of us would seek to listen to it as soon as the new album was released.

I would like to begin this departure with the thundering beginning to both their instrumental tradition as well as opening to their opus 2112. I give you Overture.

There is one single line at the end that Geddy sings:

“And the Meek shall inherit the Earth.”


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