1. You see…..the ekphrastic challenge is in your future my friend!!!!! This may be the only sexy haiku I have ever read – I think you may have invented a whole new genre. You know something weird…..I just remembered that I wrote a series of haiku about the relationship the Chantarelle’s Notebook poems refer to. You have inspired me to revisit some stuff.

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        1. I might just do that. I liked the process that required some discipline to approach this one. I know it wouldn’t work for all of my writing as I fear losing the personal rhythm you said you feel in many of them.

          I am SO happy to have inspired something for someone on a Sunny Sunday morn.

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  1. I had to write one (or some) for a poetry class I took back in 2002. Was it that long ago? Maybe it was 2003. I’ll have to see if I still have that folder around here after 4 moves (was it 4? maybe 3?).

    I’m no poet, so if I find it I’ll peruse it, put it away again, and tell you I never found it. 😉

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