Rush Reboot (bonus track) – Animate (1993)

You know me well enough, by now, to know I don’t usually plan a bonus track. This week is no different. I released the regular Reboot early because the mood and the muse seized me, which left the Wulf plenty of time to think. Sometimes that isn’t a very good thing, but sometimes it is. I believe this is one of those good times. I started thinking about my state of being. My core.  This song speaks to me. To the duality of me. I can’t and won’t vouch for others, but I truly believe that balance is what breeds right. It breeds peace. It is the war of extremes within us and outside of us that create conflicts of intolerance. It is the unwillingness to find who we are, and to accept who others are that will ultimately destroy us. This is a song that, more and more, helped me get inside of me and accept all that I am. There are those in my life that I couldn’t have found and accepted all of me without. So in a way, this reboot is for them. I give you Animate from the album Counterparts.


Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart



Goddess in my garden
Sister in my soul
Angel in my armor
Actress in my role

Daughter of a demon-lover
Empress of the hidden face
Priestess of the pagan mother
Ancient queen of inner space

Spirit in my psyche
Double in my role
Alter in my image
Struggle for control

Mistress of the dark unconscious
Mermaid of the lunar sea
Daughter of the great enchantress
Sister to the boy inside of me

My counterpart — my foolish heart
A man must learn to rule his tender part
A warming trend — a gentle friend
A man must build a fortress to defend

A secret face — a touch of grace
A man must learn to give a little space
A peaceful state — a submissive trait
A man must learn to gently dominate


  1. This really resonates with me. The song and what you said.
    The unwillingness to find who we are is more often than not caused by others not wanting to accept who we are. Luckily, there are people in our lives that accept our wholeness, our dualities, however incompatible they may seem. That’s why they are so precious to us. That’s why we cherish them.
    I can see you’re in a better state of being, George. Soooo happy for you.

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      1. But, the post began with your writing, your beautiful writing. Your relationship with Rush’s music is very cool; to read how much they have influence your writing and to read that influence in your writing, is just very cool!!!!

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