Rush Reboot – High Water (1987)

This one is coming early this week….

This week’s Reboot is triggered by one of my favorite bloggers. She has a fierce wit, a passionate heart, a very deep soul, and is an amazing writer. I pondered and pondered what song felt right for her for a long time, and nothing seemed to quite fit. I thought I might I have lost my ability to make that connection that seemed to happen so easily with others that I have profiles with a Rush song. Then, however, I learned something about her and it all made sense. One day she told me how much she loved the water. I understood. I am a water sign. I get the feeling that water can bring to the right soul.

In an interview in 1988, Neil said: “I always feel comfortable when I’m near water, be it the sound of the ocean or even the refreshing feeling of a dip in the swimming pool. I remember being in the center of one of Japan’s biggest cities and the noise pollution was incredible. But right in the middle was this garden with a small waterfall that ran over a bunch of stones. It was designed in such a way that if you sat by the waterfall, the sound of water would drown out all the surrounding noises. I think the Japanese understand the therapeutic nature of water better than most.”

So, Bojana, this week’s Reboot is for you. From the album Hold Your Fire I present the song High Water.

Let the waters take you home, Bojana.

Music: Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson
Lyrics: Neil Peart

When the waters rose
In the darkness
In the wake of the endless flood
It flowed into our memory —
It flowed into our blood —

When something broke the surface
Just to see the starry dome —
We still feel that relation
When the water takes us home
In the flying spray of the ocean
The water takes you home —

Springing from the weight
Of the mountains
Like the heart of the earth
Would burst
Flowing out from marble fountains
In the dreams of a desert thirst

Something swam through
The jungles
Where the mighty rivers roam —
Something breaks the silence
When the water takes you home
I hear the wordless voices
When the water takes me home —

Waves that crash on the shoreline
Torrents of tropical rain
Streaming down
Beyond our memory
Streaming down inside our veins

When something left the ocean
To crawl high above the foam — 
We still feel that elation
When the water takes us home
In a driving rain of redemption
The water takes me home…


  1. I thought that Tom was hosting a party in my honor this week. 🙂
    In the past few days, I’ve received so much recognition (significantly) from some of my favorite bloggers that there’s a very high likelihood of my ego bursting any moment now.

    Water, water, everywhere,
    And all the boards did shrink;
    Water, water, everywhere,
    Nor any drop to drink.

    I think you read one of my first posts. What does No 17 say?

    I LOVE water and thank you for this. Damn it George, how do you always say the right thing?!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Any praise you receive is very well deserved.

      A kingdom by the sea….does sound lovely.

      You are so very welcome, Bojana. I am glad it took this long for me to find the right song to give voice to you in a Reboot. I believe it was better that I didn’t force it, but let it come naturally. Flow like water I guess.

      Liked by 2 people

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