Rush Reboot – Fly By Night (1975)

I decided to go way, way, way back in time for this week’s official Reboot.  This was the band’s second album and Neil’s first. This is also his first foray into being the lyricist for the band. Sometimes change is important. Sometimes, change is all that matters. Sometimes change doesn’t take you where you need to be….and sometimes it just might.

Music: Geddy Lee
Lyrics: Neil Peart

(original lyrics)
airport scurry – flurry faces
parade of passers-by
people going many places
with a smile or just a sigh
waiting, waiting, pass the time
another cigarette
get in line – gate thirty-nine
the time is not here yet…..

Why try, I know why
The feeling inside me says it’s time I was gone
Clear head, new life ahead
I want to be king now not just one more pawn
Fly by night away from here
Change my life again
Fly by night goodbye my dear
My ship isn’t coming and I just can’t pretend

Moon rise, thoughtful eyes
Staring back at me from the window beside
No fright, or hindsight
Leaving behind that empty feeling inside
Start a new chapter
I find what I’m after
Is changing every day
The change of a season
Is enough of a reason
To want to get away

Quiet and pensive
My thoughts apprehensive
The hours drift away
Leaving my homeland
Playing a lonehand
My life begins today


  1. I had no idea Fly By Night was so long ago! Somehow I had it in my mind that this was one of their 80’s songs. 🤔

    I really dig the layout of this one; the words, the music, Geddy’s voice inflections. Even the cool hair. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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