Unconventional Love

I hear you but cannot reach you.
This hourglass wall between us
Taunts me. It haunts me. Hurts us.
Wave after wave we hurl against it
With ever increasing passions that
Bounce back at us again and again.

You want me but cannot hold me.
The space between our worlds is
Wider than reality and just as cold.
But in passing moments when we share
What poets seek and lovers dare,
We claim each for each forever more.


  1. I keep reading and re-reading this and discover more and more meaning.I seldom do that but your words grabbed my attention and I wanted more. I wanted to “share what poets seek and lovers dare.” Well crafted and beautifully written. Thank you

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  2. This is fucking wonderful, Wulf. You’re a magician with words. As for the pic, I think you couldn’t have chosen better.

    Please let me share Emily Dickinson with you and your readers who led a rather secluded life so it’s not known for whom these lines were intended. So let’s just assume she created a fantasy for herself.

    Wild nights! Wild nights!
    Were I with thee,
    Wild nights should be
    Our luxury!

    Futile the winds
    To a heart in port,
    Done with the compass,
    Done with the chart.

    Rowing in Eden!
    Ah! the sea!
    Might I but moor
    To-night in thee!

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    1. Ok that is a beautiful poem. I can feel what she is saying.

      Now…I…I am floored by your compliment. Thank you thank you. I must credit inspiration in its grandest form for this one. I am so humbled my phrasing of it did it justice.

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