Message In a Bottle

What a horrid, hated monster is time.
It is a chasm that cannot be breached.
It is the mountain that stands defiant,
The immovable giant that blocks my path.
It is the unceasing tide that always slams  me
Back against this lonely shore to lay gasping
Upon the rocks and sand, aching and sore.
Until, at last I spy with eagerness once more,
The bobbling glass carrying your words for me.


      1. I was reading something you wrote the other day about prose not being what you most often write, and although I find your prose beautiful, what you wrote totally resonated with me. Poetry is what i call my first love, as a writer. I don’t tend to share a lot of it on the blog, but I am so glad that you are sharing yours; your words have a real beauty and musicality.

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        1. Thank you. Interesting you used the word musicality. I truly believe it is because of the influence of Prog rock in my early days for one. Then, it is because of Neil Peart and Rush. They were such a HUGE influence on me, there is no hiding the impact his lyrical style has played in me developing whatever voice it is I have.

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  1. Remember Dali and his deformed clocks? What supposedly inspired him was a wheel of Camembert cheese that had melted in the sun. Fabulous, isn’t it? The picture shows time is a relative category and that everything’s possible. The hard objects become inexplicably limp, and time bends. Having said that, distances might indeed be breached. We just need some (more) imagination.

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  2. Here I am again, where I met you, and I love this poem even more now than the first time I read it! This has been an incredible journey; I am changed for having taken it! You are a brilliant, lovely, thoughtful, talented and passionate person. Thank you Wulf!

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    1. Omg I can’t believe you not only did this, but you finished before I did yours. No one has invested themselves in my writing like you did. I know the darker pieces speak to you, but you have a well of light within you that is fucking deep.

      Thank your for this gift!!!! ❤️

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