Heart of Darkness

Unseen by all it creeps and crouches
Along torch lit paths, my righteous soul it slouches.
The glowing and growing of ebony fueled fires
Take root and rise amidst beckoning, burgeoning desires.

Your siren song did grab and pull me
Towards your breast, your nest of twisting agony.
I blindly gave unto you till all life turned gray.
Your thirst not slaked till from me you turned away.

Awake, anew, and alive I crawl and claw
Towards the bound spirit upon the table I saw.
She lay open, before me. To feast. Shaken
And blind to her own need, the seed in her soul about to awaken.

To take is to give with power and passion unholy.
The sound of the strike and the cry of the lowly
Begin the dance in the dark as the shadows take control
Of the two that were not when the morning was whole.

I know no end but still must face the morrow uncertain.
Grave and full of me her form now stands at the curtain.
Marked, I see her. Marked by me. My teeth. My hands. My heart.
Caged forever until she gives again to release it…I depart.

part III of Reflections of Darkness

originally written and published by on 7/18/2017



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