Deep Dive – The Persistence of Tom

It’s been awhile for a few things from this side of the Wulf. First, I haven’t returned to prose writing in a bit. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Blogging is not something that sits easily in my furry lap. I am not as easily triggered to blogging as I am to writing poetry, and I know that is ok. We are who we are, right? So what does it take to get me to dip my toe back in this pool? This time, it is another deep dive.

You might or might not recall the other forays into truly finding out about these people in “my tribe”:

@BrookeBreazeale / @TheIncurableDreamer / @desertcurmudgeon / @Kintsukuroi / @Bojana

I recommend you check those writers out out if you haven’t already. You can also read my posts about them here:

  1. Perspective
  2. Dusting off the Shovel and Finding Gold
  3. Remembering the Road

Now I really need to thank Bojana for sending me to a place that rapidly took hold of me and made me want to dive deep again. (Bojana is not only brilliant, she is fiercely persistent.) So, “thank you”, Bojana. You were right. the dive.

If you haven’t been to this man’s site and begun to follow, you really need to. The amazing thing about him his is true passion for his life and all that it touches. His is a journey that seems to be a never ending quest to be the best he can be, and be it for the right reasons. I won’t take up too more time praising him except to say I believe he is as genuine a person as you will read. He refuses to be other than that. So do yourself a favor and go meet this man. Go see Tom Being Tom. You will NOT be disappointed.



  1. I am absolutely humbled by your words and the depth of your dive. My comments section has been exploding with cogent responses; my head brimming with new ideas. During the last 24 hours, or less, I feel like I haven’t gained a follower so much as a kindred spirit and a true, new friend. Our parallels are uncanny. Here’s to new beginnings, and the power of people to affect one another, and to grow in wisdom in the light of each other’s vision.

    And thank you, Bojana, for being fiercely persistent. 😎

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    1. She’s a rare gem, and I consider myself blessed to have found the two of you.

      I feel the same about the kindred spirit, and the surrealness of the parallels. It’s also why I chose the name and the picture for this post. Dali’ is my favorite artist.

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      1. I have to humbly admit that I’ve never been an art man, so that flew right by me. You have me examining this piece now, and the original, as well as Dali’s life, and that brings a new dimension to what you’ve said.

        What was it a prescient man recently said about the power of people to affect one another, in the name of growth? 😎

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        1. I think it was Bojana that said that in a comment.

          Oh kewl…I am not an art expert by any means, but I know what I like. I love his religious pieces like the Last Supper and Crucifixion (Corpus Hypercubicus)

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    2. I liked that, the power of people to affect one another.

      As for the pic, I forgot to comment on it. I used to be obsessed with his Persistence of Memory/time in the eyes of dreamers. I couldn’t shake the image for years and coun’t imagine my life without clocks/watches.
      I still love them but what I’ve learned with time is to forget about the time when I can (no watches on vacations), refusing to be reminded and defined by it. Forgetting about its passage meant enjoying the moment. Simply breathing.
      Guess what, Dali’s paining is looking at me as I talk. You have impeccable taste George (and manners).

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  2. Wulf, your kindness, and generosity are infinite. Thank you for being such a huge supporter of mine, it means more than you know. It truly is a blessing to be in this tribe, and I know that I need to do a much better job at hanging out with you guys because it lights up my world when I do.

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    1. So what’s stopping you, girl? You’re missing all the fun. And we miss you.
      Brooke, same thing applies to you. Hop in.
      I think you should chop that big leafless tree down (together) and see this beautiful orchard we found ourselves in. The oranges are so yummy.

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  3. I’ve been following Tom almost since I started my blog and I have never been able to work out why he doesn’t have five million followers. He is a Wordsmith. Amazing choice.

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