Oblique Antique

One chair
Leans precariously,
Tilted on an axis of balance uncertain.
Its cushion pressed and worn away by nameless, countless visitors.

originally written and published by me on 8/17/17


  1. That photo is seriously what one might find in an art gallery in NM. We call them “blue door” photos. That is what sells to tourists. I am sitting at the gallery right now, if I knew how to post a photo in these comments, I would take a picture of the photo of an old chair that is on the wall across from me.

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    1. Yes, I do remember. It was in reference to the Katrina houses we talked about. I am so glad you liked this one, and I did promise I would republish this one. (Also, I caught an ‘its/it’s’ error from original write and just corrected it. 😁

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