Wulf Cub

So I thought I would show you all just why Wulf is an appropriate name. My whole life I have had couple physical characteristics that lent themselves to this comparison. I present the young cub with his Butch Patrick hair. Please notice, as well, the tapered and angled ears. I am also told there is a mark on my lower back that could only be where a tail once protruded. I have never seen it, but I will take her word for it.



                1. It was incredibly thick. All the ladies loved to stroke it and play with it.

                  I tried phrasing that 4 different ways and realized there is absolutely NO way to say that without it sounding dirty, so I am just gonna let it fly.

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    1. No, I think I will always be a little immature. I did, however, already promise a famous mullet shot for someone. There is a picture of an adult me in a prior post for anyone wanting to go hunting, but I thought you already saw that one and were just calling me immature..

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  1. I find this revelation delightfully enlightening! Adorable brown eyed wulf cub emerges. I can sense other wulf’ish traits you demonstrate that are not physical. I think you have connected with your animal soul . ❤️

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